Afterlife Alerts fully-automated services help to ensure that in the event something happens to you, the emotional, financial, and practical needs of your loved ones will still be addressed.

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The services provided by Afterlife Alerts aim to ensure that both yourself and your loved ones are left with peace of mind should the worst happen unexpectedly. By signing up to Afterlife Alerts, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your nearest and dearest will receive one final lasting, good memory of you even after your passing; together with any practical instructions you may wish to impart, such as information on where to locate your will, or managing your assets after your death.

As a loved, contributing member of your family, the importance of knowing that their emotional and material needs will be taken care of with minimal fuss should you be taken from them suddenly, should not be down-played.

The Afterlife Alerts service can help make sure that in your absence, those needs are taken care of by delivering your customized written, audio, and video messages by email, SMS text, postal mail, and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter with all the information they'll need to continue long into the future.

Sadly, unexpected accidents, injuries and illness claim the lives of people everyday with no regard for how prepared they are, leaving their families in a state of emotional, and possibly also financial, distress. By signing up to one of our packages, you can ensure that this never happens to your loved ones.

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