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How does it work ?


Types of Alerts
Afterlife Alerts is a service created with one important and life-affirming purpose in mind: the well being of your family, friends and loved ones after you're gone.

The idea is simple, "Remind the people who matter to me most how much I cared."

Your last wish may be practical instructions for continuing without you, or a thank you note to that special friend for all they haveve doneIt may be a loving farewell to your spouse, letting them know just how much you loved them or a few words of encouragement for that family member that means so much to you. It could be a message to your children telling them how proud you are of them. It could even serve to reconcile a lost relationship.

Whatever the message may be, your last wishes and thoughts will be recorded as a written, audio, and/or video message and can be delivered via email, SMS text, postal mail, Facebook, Twitter, and should you so wish, posted on our Afterlife Alerts public page in your absence, providing comfort and closure to your nearest and dearest when they need it most.

Once you have registered for the Afterlife Alerts service you will be sent a welcome email which includes your login details. After logging in, you can start creating your Afterlife Alerts. We do the rest!

The Afterlife Alerts system will automatically confirm your status via email and SMS text according to your pre-defined schedule. If you fail to confirm your status within that schedule your Afterlife Alerts are automatically delivered to your family, friends and loved ones.

Going on vacation? No problem. Tell the Afterlife Alerts system how long to hold your status alerts for and they will be on hold until you get back.

Life is short. Let the people you care about know how much they mean to you while you still can. Let Afterlife Alerts remind them how much they meant to you, when you no longer can.

Features and Alerts

How does it work ?

Afterlife Alerts is a web-based service. After registering for an account, you would follow these steps to create your first alert.

1) Securely login by visiting https://my.afterlifealerts.com

2) Define your check-in intervals. The Aftelife Alerts service will automatically check-in with you via Email and SMS\Text using these intervals, and if unable to confirm you after 4 failed attemps, will automatically deliver your alerts.

3) Add a Contact. This will include the name, email, cell phone, physical address, and other details of the person you would like to send an alert to.

4) Create an message alert. This will let you choose one or more of the contacts you have added and allow you to specify the message and delivery method which can include email, SMS\Text, and postal mail delivery, as well as any attachments such as images, audio recordings, and/or videos you have attached to the alert.

5) Create a status alert. This is similiar to a message alert except there are no individual recipients. If you have gone through the simple integration steps to include your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, then your status message will be posted on those networks.

6) Once your alerts have been created, we do the rest, making sure that if you do not check-in according to your check-in intervals that your alerts are delivered to those that matter most to you.

7) Going on vacation ? Place a vacation hold on your service and it will automatically resume once that hold has expired.

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We've included a complete set of features with our services such as:

Web-based: Can be used worldwide on 99% of web browsers including most smartphones and tablets

Fully automated: Once you've defined your alerts, our network does all the work, keeping in touch with you and delivering your alerts when you cannot

Delivery methods: Email, SMS\Text, Postal mail, and social media (Twitter and Facebook)

Media attachments: Integrated web-based image, audio, and video recording that can be included and sent with your alerts, as well as an upload feature to include existing images, audio, and videos.

Flexible check-in intervals: Allows you to set the intervals at which we attempt to confirm you

Vacation hold: Please a hold on your service. Once the hold has expired, your service continues normally

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Types of Alerts

Alerts can be as simple as a single sentence, "Thanks for all that you've done for me !", or be as long as you need it to be to make sure your friends, family and loves one know how much you cared and what they meant to you.

Whether they are financial, emotional, romantic, or practical in nature, or a combination of them all, you can rest easy knowing you've left them with what they need to continue on. Click here to view a collection of professionally written sample alerts. You can use them as a guide on what you may want to say.

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